Which of your senses would you sacrifice?

This Has Nothing To Do With Good Sense…..(know very little on the subject.) 


    The human body is unique beyond words. The ability to hunt woolly mammoths and make fire to cook em and then go to the moon all in 10,000 years….incredible! We have been, and still are, able to do so much because of some incredible and mysterious factors……our SENSES! Those wondrous gifts that we spend an entire life taking for granted, until by accident or illness, we lose the use of one or more.

SMELL…..attracts us to people, food, a different seat on the bus, and the joys of holiday aromas. It also serves as an alarm as it alerts you to the reason why the old lady next door has not been out to get her mail for two weeks. Smell enhances our experiences with new cars, babies in the morning, crowded elevators and petting zoos…..so much of our world goes up our nose.

TASTE……the list of things we have put into our mouths since birth is staggering and in many cases horrifying! Wonderful restaurants, greasy drive-thrus, your aunt’s pork fat pudding, every form of alcoholic drink and concoction, dirt from your childhood, dirt from the front yard of your frat house, a garlic French kiss…..and on and on. The things we have allowed to go pass our teeth. (Do not confuse with “good taste”, as that died during the 1960’s.)

TOUCH……the purest form of communication. Your mama’s caress, the friendly guy at the school bus stop, the feel of comfort, handshake of gratitude, holding hands, getting to first base…(not to be confused with a touchdown), the sting of a slap, reaching ecstasy with or without company. Hugs that give us our sense of being and belonging. It is this wonderful sense that has made it possible for humanity to mate and produce children faster than a crop harvester.

SIGHT……the sense to the mind. The visual understanding of our world. The sadness, the horror, the shame, the ridiculous, the very ugly, the very beautiful, colors, a baby’s smile, your Mama’s face, the Super Bowl, Lady GaGa. Sight can stand on it’s own to help the mind to interpret or entertain us. But, the sight of a molting Nightingale means nothing without the sound of it’s celestial singing. Seeing Britney Spears fall off a stage before she sings is a plus though.

HEARING……the necessary mechanism to total understanding and construction of thought. In conjunction with SIGHT, it aids in comprehension and conclusions. Alone, it gives the mind the joy of music, story, debate, American Idol, sounds of children, squalling babies and non stop rhetoric from spouses. With hearing alone, there’s the ability to create music and answer the front door bell.

COMMON SENSE……This is only a superficial sense, in that, humanity commonly loses that sense during national election time.

OK…….Here’s the question:  If you had to have budget brain surgery under the new Health Care system and were allowed to only save one of your senses, which one would you select for the remainder of your life?

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2 thoughts on “Which of your senses would you sacrifice?

  1. My meager allotment of common sense is all but done for, so, provided I’m issued with a helmet of some sort, that’s the one I’d put first on the list of things to do without. After that, well, let’s see…we’ve got the once glorious eyesight that’s now only useful for NOT seeing wrinkles in the mirror. Then there’s the hearing that could, at one time, detect the flatulence of others BEFORE it sneaks up and takes me by the throat. Which brings us to smell…I think that and taste are the only ones that still works worth a damn, so, of those two, I’ll keep taste. That way when I come visit you next, I can still eat Charlie’s Astonishing Ribs (not yours, silly – the ones you cook on the BBQ!!) Is this comment too long? xo

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