You did what to Mom??

“Let me get this straight……”


Teaching your kids about sex is an emotional quagmire. When I first discussed it with my son, he was 10, and he was so used to me making up bedtime stories that he simply assumed it was another one of my horror tales. The other obstacle to my dissertation was having the poor kid visualize me doing these weird contorted acts with his Mom! On occasion, I have felt the same way myself. When I assured him that what I was saying was in earnest, I could feel a weakening in our established bond. It was almost as if he wanted to run to his Mom to see if she was okay or needed protecting. Fortunately, she was at the mall checking out the plus sizes at Frederick’s of Hollywood.

    I know a lot of folks believe that sex education would be better taught at school, but considering my son’s math and reading grades, he’ll end up making wine in a monastery in Oregon and remain celibate. You cannot have sex education without saying sex is natural and that most people find it pleasurable. Problem is…..conservative Christianity has enriched this erotic meal with the appetizer being curiosity and spoiled it with a heavy dessert of remorse. Sex and hypocrisy, they go together like coffee and cream and always have. So, I tried to avoid the politics and religious scrutiny and just gave him the basics to work with in the hope he’ll pick up the tutorials from his friends as he hits his hormonal peak during his teens.

   There is just no way to properly explain the absurdities of lovemaking to a child and that sex is not as neat as the HBO movies make it. Real sex is messy. Good sex is even messier. Like I said, lovemaking or ’sex’ is just too absurd to describe. In their adulthood, they will find that anyone who says that sex is overrated just hasn’t done it properly or they were alone when they did. Sex education is not an easy responsibility for a parent, but it is a parent’s duty and not the school system or state‘s…..seems their job comes later when they attempt to confuse our children on their sexual orientations.



5 thoughts on “You did what to Mom??

  1. My lil boy is 4 and already curious about babies and questioned me recently about noises he heard coming from our room last week… We’ve started with the very vague basics and he didnt push for more info. And I totally agree, the school system is not the place for Sex Ed. My Sex Ed class in high school was a joke and I learned WAY more from my parents.

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