You’ve come a long way….sweetie pie.

    The American woman has had a difficult journey through our history as well as our culture. She was fundamental in the success of the pioneer movement and vital during wartime. Yet, her place in our society has been convoluted as well as strictly defined. She was seldom allowed to own property, prier to the 1800’s, and in most cases she was often considered chattel or indentured to her husband. The decades rolled on and times and laws changed. The suffrage movement lead to the nineteenth amendment in 1920 and the right to vote.
More decades passed and during the 50’s and 60’s, women were still judged to be the weaker, (both mentally and physically) of the two sexes. They were mostly relegated as both homemakers and baby makers. The ads during this time may shock many of you, but to us “baby-boomers”, it was as normal as Mom’s apple pie.

    The 21th century has come of age with the emergence of the truly New Woman. The world now benefits from their leadership as great political minds, corporate leaders, great teachers, artist and innovators.  And now, Sara Lee makes the apple pie.


4 thoughts on “You’ve come a long way….sweetie pie.

  1. I was born in the seventies so these ads are not ones I’m familiar with. I find them to be varying levels of shocking and offensive! My grandma must’ve been ahead of her time, because she was independent and wasn’t a serve-the-man type of woman 🙂

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