Do Men Think More Than Women?

      Over Thinker

Life can really be a kick in the groin sometimes. What causes me the most grief is that I tend to “over think!” When I was a young man I was seldom wrong. I would even debate my own doctor and dentist. Then, as the years piled up like old pizza boxes, I eventually had to admit, on occasion, that some of my decisions and pontifications may not have been totally correct as a result of outside tampering or malicious advice. Or so I thought.

     Well…..once into my thirties and with the addition of life experiences and herbal alterations, I did learn to slowly analyze and rethink many of my decisions in the event they might be flawed due to poor input. I still tended to be argumentative and was too often ready for rebuttal.

     In my forties, I switched from Democrat to Republican and then back again. I also bought an expensive Betamax.  This decade was not a good one for Aquarius.

     My fifties gave me both a bad prostate and a bad sense of judgment. I believed my accumulated years of life experience and worldly knowledge had placed me in a position of a respected social shaman. I was often defiant to those that questioned my logic or even the grounds on which many of my prophecies and yammerings were based on. More and more I was having to defend myself…….mostly to Wifey.

     My true epiphany was not until my sixties when I realized that knowing everything about the cosmos was not all that important. I stopped raising my hand to give unsolicited advice to those that really needed it. Now, when I hear my grown offspring’s making stupid remarks or decisions based on assumption or nonsense, I just tune out and sit back and think of a Rolling Stone’s song. Later, when their mental handiwork has dissolved into goat shit, they will come running to me like a Prius to a recall and then I can strangulate them with my pent up wisdom until they finally regurgitate my point of view. But, that’s family.

     Don’t misunderstand me, I still contemplate as an elder, but on a much lower level of importance. 16oz package of Oreos at $3.29 or 12oz package of Mega chip cookies for $2.79.  Will I change underwear today. Leave the lid up or down for Wifey. Everyday confrontations with life that require a thought process.

    My judgment today is not flawed, but still tends to be over reactive. Even in some of my past blogs I may have produced goat shit in lieu of good judgment, but what can I say?…..I’m getting old?…..I bumped my head?….no, I’m just human. My greatest asset now a days is Wifey, who is truly the wise one. I run most of my decisions pass her now and if they later produce goat shit…..well then, I’m off the hook. That’s called wisdom.



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