Why Do People Die?



   Well….that’s a hell of a question with numerous answers, but only one seems to stand out when you die.….“you’re done!”  That answer hurts too many feelings, which classifies it as spiritually and politically incorrect. The more liberal answer would be that you have become ‘life challenged’. The government will classify you as tax depleted and several relatives will simply consider you unavailable (ie….your season ticket for the ball park).

    We all exist in a common, but unique cycle called life. Every creature that roams this planet is part of it. You do your time and then you just simply shut down and rot to dust and blow away….sorry, I don’t do eulogies very well. Anyway, it is estimated that 101 billion people have died on this dirt ball since 8,000 B.C. Currently, there are 7 billion imminent deaths walking around right now awaiting their turn.

    The life expectancy in our country for males is 77 years and for females 80 years, (females require more time to get ready to go I guess). Living longer is a blessing to many and a curse to others. Well loved matriarchs and patriarchs will relish every moment of their allotted time surrounded by litters of loved ones, while, too many others live sad and lonely lives on the fringe of our society. These infirmed and terminal souls have simply given up and are waiting for their final breath.

    Back to the question; “why do people die?” Well, the answer is also found in “why do people live?”  I believe, that with the allotted time we have, that our days are measured in such a way that it is sufficient time for us to experience the full spectrum of life. There is just enough time to learn and experience the incredible wonders of our world and to come to the realization of how insignificant we truly are in it’s magnitude. Each of us quickly learn that we showed up for this life prepared to love, rejoice, grieve, learn, suffer, appreciate and give of ourselves.

    It’s a fact that none of us knows when this fantastic trip will end and that it can be taken away at any moment by a misdirected heartbeat. With that sobering thought, we must make the most out of every single day. Find something beautiful and unique everyday and dwell on it. It can be the soft fragrance of blooming jasmine or the robust smell of baking bread. The sound of a spring breeze through the trees, the light crunch of fresh snow, a sad violin and the joyous laughter of children. Taking a sleepy peek at a sunrise or a long and reverent look at a sunset. These are but a few of the treasures of this life that we can enjoy and cherish. As the years quickly pass us by, it will not be the things we did that we often regret, but the things we did not do. We are also given just enough time to propagate and replace ourselves with, we hope, a better generation. Nurtured with affection, strong values, principles and love. 

Now the answer;

     We may or may not leave our mark at the final gong, but I have come to the realization, at the age of 65, why all people have to die….if not, life would have no value.

  “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”


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