Saying Goodbye To Loved Ones


Life runs by us at a terrible speed and rarely, if ever, slows down. But, when it does, it’s for death alone. Time stops, priorities no longer exist, you cease being what the world perceives you to be….and you become family once again. We spend our lives maneuvering through the rapids of aggravation, stress, loneliness and absurdities. We are wounded by love as well as rejuvenated by it. We trust and are betrayed one moment and then redeemed the next. Emotions too often drain the very essence of our souls….and still, we persevere. But, the greatest emotional anguish happens when we have to bare witness to the loss of our loved ones.

Sadly, many of you know the torment of loosing a precious child or watching our cherished parents bring their long lives to a peaceful close. Seeing our brothers or sisters go leaving us with the legacy of childhood memories. Clinging to a beloved spouse as they suffer and slowly decline from fragile health. So much heart rendering pain. We are told to accept these events as a way of life, as agonizing as they are.

Families have stood bedside and watched the demise of their loved ones for centuries. Searching in those final moments for those few words that need to be spoken. Words that must be said from the heart that will convey everything you have ever felt for them your entire life. But, sadly, that’s not possible. You sadly sit, holding that frail hand that once caressed you, helped you and guided you in life. Now, it’s too weak to respond. So, you lovingly watch and wait. Knowing that someday….it will be you.

Those we have once loved, we can never lose, as those treasured souls become part of us. I miss you Mom and Dad…….Charlie


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