THE YEAR 2050………

Lately, I have found myself drifting off in bizarre thoughts and wonderment. At my antiquated age, I usually just ponder on developing issues such as bowel moments and sphagnum moss. But, during more temperate moments, I worry about our screwed up culture. Fact is, I’m not really sure how to define the American culture anymore, if there still is one. To start with, our old culture was spliced with that of several noble and ancient cultures. The Italians, Germans, Irish, English, French and Nordic. Later, this meld of ethnic solidarity was enhanced with that of the African, Hispanic and Asian influence. Sadly, a few of those cultures became fragmented with divisions of intemperate and even violent values.
But, times change and like politics, not always for the good. So, I squat and wonder what the U.S. will be like in 2050. Those that marry, if they still condone marriage then, will have little or no say in the raising of their offspring. The government and that circus we call the school system, will be supervising parents in the nurturing of their ‘standardize’ adolescent citizens. For everyone else, what you watch on TV, your computer and say on your phone, will be centrally stored for future application. All sophisticated phones and devices will simply be incorporated into a single hand held contraption that will forever lead you by the nose and do all the talking and thinking for you. You will no longer be burdened with writing and math skills. You tell your device what you want to say, and it will correct your slang and ignorant grammar and then transmit it to the designated party after censoring. The state bank will handle all your required math. Cars will be self driven. If you fail to pay a ticket, or there’s a warrant issued for your arrest, the car will automatically drive you to the police station where a kind, unarmed and priestly officer will process you and adjust your medications.
Race issues will still be complicated. Most races by then will be on the verge of interfusion. Each generation will have shared their genes with those of other races, and by the fourth generation, you won’t be able to figure out who’s what. There will most likely be the remnants of at least one displaced race that will still banter for reparation. But, as a whole, the culture will most likely be a magnificent race of beige colored, disadvantaged, and over medicated progressive drones who will all be part of a failing reality show. I’ll be dead by then, so I could give a shit.




     You can’t always tell a book from it’s cover. It’s the dog eared and well worn pages that tell you the stories of life and all the events that were endured and conquered for happiness. The sad defeats, and the righteous victories and the wounds of the heart. It’s life told in both complex and simple chapters. As many heroes as villains, all accompanied with equal truths and lies. It is life, and well worth a blog or two.
      I have been amused my entire life with the paradox called life. I have also realized that I’m a seeker of truth, which is often clouded within the swirling vapors of politics, religion and corporate bullshit. My greatest joy has been writing. My books, stories, observations, rants and, on several occasions, nonsense! Through my writings, I hope to experience an epiphany of enlightenment and new found wisdom in my elder years, if not, I will most likely just open a stall at the local flea market and sell collectible lunch boxes and drink beer. But, I do hope you will take time and indulge yourself with one of my books, or maybe with one of my blogs. If you enjoy them, then I’m content. If they are not to your taste, well then just bite me. Thanks……Charlie


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