You can’t always tell a book from it’s cover. It’s the dog eared and well worn pages that tell you the stories of life and all the events that were endured and conquered for happiness. The sad defeats, and the righteous victories and the wounds of the heart. It’s life told in both complex and simple chapters. As many heroes as villains, all accompanied with equal truths and lies. It is life, and well worth a blog or two.
      I have been amused my entire life with the paradox called life. I have also realized that I’m a seeker of truth, which is often clouded within the swirling vapors of politics, religion and corporate bullshit. My greatest joy has been writing. My books, stories, observations, rants and, on several occasions, nonsense! Through my writings, I hope to experience an epiphany of enlightenment and new found wisdom in my elder years, if not, I will most likely just open a stall at the local flea market and sell collectible lunch boxes and drink beer. But, I do hope you will take time and indulge yourself with one of my books, or maybe with one of my blogs. If you enjoy them, then I’m content. If they are not to your taste, well then just bite me. Thanks……Charlie


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