The Tree OF Life

The tree of life has many branches, all interconnected to a trunk of experiences which grows from a fertile foundation of values and guidance. We drag our butts along a number of these branches, during our lifetime, in search of the fruits of wisdom and the hard nuts of reality. Many are rewarded with the blossoms of happiness, while others fall prey to the squirrels of misery. So goes life.

At my age, I find that each day is just too short for all the things I want to ponder. The variety of books I still want to read, the many words to share with friends, all the thoughts I need to write down and all the rainbows I want to see. When you’re young, your procrastizine gland, which surrounds the anal sphincter, is constantly active and tells the mind that you have your entire life to find whatever the hell it is you’re looking for. Then one day, that gland wears out and you’ve crapped away your entire life!

First off, I’m not so naïve as to think a mentally balanced person will ever find the meaning of life, because the harder you try, the more depressed and confused you’ll be. Fact is, life is pretty much a dream to the wise, a holding pattern for the faithful, a circus to the rich and a friggin tragedy for the poor. It’s always complicated by politicians, theologians, philosophers and the idiots at the DMV. These people are all driven by agendas and self endorsed importance. Life is really simple, but humans, with their advanced brains, insist on making it convoluted, or worst of all, unlivable.

At some point, in our individual lives, when our life warranty is close to expiring, we finally see life for what it is. The sun comes up and then it goes down. People are born and then they die. So my basic philosophy is; always hold your loved one close for it will only last a lifetime, you should always fill what’s empty and empty what’s full and then finally scratch where it itches. Life was never meant to be complicated….unless you’re a teenager.



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