What Happened To My Country???

What happened to my country?? Like so many of my ‘baby boomer’ brethren, I went and fought in a useless war, and then those of us who made it back, then worked hard to make a living, pay our taxes and raise our children to respect our history, sacrifices, and flag. Now multi millionaire prima donnas are staging ludicrous demonstrations in the belief it is going to make our country a better place for accommodating the violent and lawless elements of our society. Well, there are a number of bad elements out there infecting our politics, police, corporations ,and yes, among all the racial stratums of our culture. Our laws once dealt with these issues. Sadly, our system is now corroded with political correctness and racial bias propagated by the media and far left, while the right sits back throwing verbal stones while doing nothing. What has happened to my country??

I have no faith in either of the presidential candidates in leading, much less solving these problems. One candidate is shrouded in veils of corruption, deceit and secrecy….while the other is more concerned in being measured for his throne once he is elected. What has happened to my country??

Well, at my age, my meter will soon expire and once they ticket my big toe and tow my chassis away, I’ll be able to gasp that even though my country was never perfect in my youth, it was far from being the lumbering tragedy it is becoming today. What has happened to my country??



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